There will be a 233m2 innovative indoor climbing experience that is different to traditional climbing in that it offers a safe introductory route to climbing without the need for instructor belay of every participant.

There is no minimum or maximum age, with children able to take the challenge when they are physically capable of climbing. The features take the challenges and health benefits of climbing, mixing them with the fun and colour of a theme park and include elements that:
  •    Encourage team work •    Encourage competitiveness •    Develop problem solving skills •    Have educational value  
The units proposed contain an innovative mix of traditional climbing and auto belay adventure climbing that would meet current and future market trends and also pathways to traditional sport.
  Aerial Adventure High Ropes Course:   In the outside space adjacent to the Adventure Play Zone there will be an Aerial Adventure High Ropes Course installed. The high ropes course will be suitable for all abilities with two levels of aerial traverses, one circa 12ft off the ground (Confidence Course) and the other level circa an impressive 40ft in the air (Aerial Obstacles). An innovative and modern safety system means that the participant will always clipped on under qualified supervision, as they climb, leap, jump and traverse. The course includes a climbing tower, a high wire winding around obstacles including wobbly logs, bridges and hanging vines and descent attractions.  
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